Wedding stationery

The location of the tables (tableau de mariage) that you will find at the entrance of the hall, the numbering of the same, the menus, the placeholders ... All these elements will be able to underline the general style of the wedding

Do not think that it is not important in a marriage, style or color. They are fundamental details! Believe me, every little detail of your wedding will be appreciated by your guests. Through the small things you can create a luxurious mosaic that will make your celebration unique and surprising. An event that will long remember...

Our catalog was created to try to satisfy all the most varied tastes, both in size and in the model and of course in the price. Always remembering that the catalog is nothing but the example of our work already performed. As if it were a photo album of our projects, which reminds us of our spouses. We can always do it again, changing colors and decoration as you please, but we prefer to create a unique participation made just for you.

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